Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Slightly late for April!

 It is slightly late, as although I'd almost finished this little quilt in April I didn't manage to finish hand stitching the binding down until this week.

I took the opportunity to use some of my 'leaders and enders' scrappy nine patches to make this little quilt.  The nine patch squares finish at 1" square - so 3" square for each nine patch.  I added some jelly roll strips to bring them up to a useful size before joining them to make the central panel.

I then added two strips of 'dancing hen' fabric - I'm working through my novelty fabric stash.  I hadn't realised that the fabric had such  pronounced dark sections in it.
 It hasn't come out too badly, as it looks like the fabric is also patched (from a distance!).

Backed with my Ikea choice, bound with something lively from stash.  It's finished at 39" square.

I also spent about a minute putting together my version of a cuff book, inspired by SweetiePie50.  Of course mine will never be as beautiful as hers, but I thought that it would be a nice casual hand stitching project for when I am on the train (more train journeys than usual at the moment as my dad isn't well.  To get to him is three train journeys and a taxi - and the same to get home - I do sometimes miss the ability to drive!  hard to believe that it's 15 years since I last took the wheel).  Unfortunately, I've found that it's almost impossible for me to stitch on the train!  Before getting ME I didn't get travel sick, now, not so great.  Heigh ho!  Even if my cuff isn't being stitched (or anything else!) I am catching up on some Radio 4 pod casts, so things aren't all bad.

At least I have my cuff book ready and waiting in my bag for when I'm waiting at ballet / swimming / the adventure playground.  Always good to have a portable project set up and ready to be grabbed.

I hope that you are managing some early summer crafting.


  1. Love your nine patch quilt--I really like those purple wave-y little square borders a lot. Beautiful finish--congrats hugs, Julierose

  2. gosh those nine patches are really sweet, but *tiny*!!!! What a pain you cant sew on the train, especially if you're on it lots - hope dad is on the mend


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