Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Start!

 I'm pleased to say that my final module has passed the internal verifier - just a month to wait for the external verifier.  It was good to get everything organised and sent last week!

Now I'm playing Katy-Catch-Up and trying to make my 'May' quilt.

I pulled this stack of fabrics, then took out one of them so that I had four blues, four pinks, and a multicolour potential binding fabric.
This is the pattern I shall be making - obviously a slightly scrappier version, but I like to use Quilt Pro to work out sizes / fabric requirements.

I'm planning for this to be 64" square, which will take 4 yards of fabric. I may add a border too - I'll decide one I've got all the blocks together and seen which backing I'm going to use.

It's nice to have a plan to do some 'real' sewing on the machine.  Of course, even better might be a plan to tidy the craft room, or even to tidy some of the rest of the house!  Maybe that could all wait until after half term?

Happy sewing and I hope that you find extra stitching time over the Bank Holiday if you are a UK stitcher.


  1. "Tidy" - bah, another four letter word, don't do it! Make a quilt instead!!!!!

  2. Hi Plum what a gorgeous pile of fabrics you have there, looking forward to seeing them in a quilt some day. Glad you are able to get back to creating some thing of your own again. Cheers Glenda


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