Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tiny Quilt

 Last week I read this blog post at Crazy Mom Quilts - and instantly wanted to cast everything else aside and make one.  A zig zag quilt made from rectangles?  Almost too good to be true!

Of course, what with it being half term I didn't have oodles of free time (or indeed, energy).  What I did have was a lovely squishy of fabric from Ingrid - a number of fat 1/8ths  - and all in tiny prints entirely suitable for a miniature quilt.

It took only a short time to make this quilt with a little of the fabric.  As I just used the number of blocks that I made (and didn't use one fabric as an 'anchor' like the real pattern suggested) it doesn't look quite the same, but I'm quite pleased with this mini-quilt.
It finished at about 5 1/2" x 5".  If I'd thought it through I'd have trimmed it further to 4" across and then it would have been easy to tack it to some card and put it into a standard frame.... but of course, I didn't think at all!

A little hand quilting along the zig zags finished it off, and I shall hand it over to Ingrid (who I only know through sitting with her whilst we watch our children at their swimming lessons) to say 'thank you' for the fabric and block template that she gifted to me.

Not much more sewing than that this week - I'm catching up on some rest after our half-term fun!


  1. love the idea of making mini quilts, I might actually finish one!

  2. That is fab Plum. Could be next on the to make list.

  3. Oooooh, Ingrid sounds like a lovely lady! What a gorgeous little quilt Lovely to have a finishable distraction :-)

  4. What a lovely project, well done you. I hope your half term rejuvenated your batteries, it's a long term until Christmas :-(

  5. So cute. She's going to love it!


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