Tuesday, 19 November 2013

If all else fails......make a penguin!

 I've been putting together my 'bathers' blocks for my latest C&G design.

Unfortunately, despite making samples, I seem to have included a solid grey that just doesn't quite work.  Grrrr!  I've looked at it.  Wondered whether it will blend better once it's quilted.  Debated with myself about how best to deal with it. 

As yet no conclusions - just a desire that I'd made it in colours that were a bit bolder (my taste) rather than something a bit more muted (DH's taste) - but as it is destined for the living room I think that I will give in gracefully.
Of course, with all this internal debate about the runner, I needed something easy to make.

Inspired by the penguin made (rather more expertly) by Janet Clare I made my own.  Unfortunately I couldn't wait for the Basic Grey pattern to be shipped to me (c'mon guys - it's a pattern!  PDF download is what I'd like!) so I went to look for on-line patterns and found this one from Purl Bee.

I'm very pleased with how this little lovely went together, even if she (and I think that it's a she) looks a bit bewildered.  Of course, I can't referee between two DDs who'd like to have custody of her, so at the moment she is ALL MINE!

I have been otherwise occupied over the last few days (think plumbers not sewing, unfortunately) but I'm determined to get back and make some decisions about the runner.

In the meantime, I hope that you have carved out some crafting time for yourself and that you might also consider making your own penguin - every home should have one!


  1. Hope you get somewhere with your thoughts on the grey - love the penguin!

  2. Love the penguin! with the word in my head from the post title, i saw penguins in the table runner too: bottom row, three right hand blocks made a penguin looking left, once you see one, there are loads!

  3. I think the bolder colour looks just fine, it will look more integrated still if you use the same colour to bind the runner. Love your little penguin, she looks very sweet. Agree about PDF patterns - Is it really THAT difficult to do? Of course not.

  4. Gah, said "bolder colour", meant "grey colour" of course!


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