Friday, 25 January 2013

The Same but Different

The same but different?  That's right.  Behold a crop of C&G samples (the edges have different techniques to finish them, and there will be more hanging systems demonstrated soon too).  Not desperately exciting, but an easy way back into thinking about my course, rather than worrying about not having done very much for the last two months!   I shall use them for small hand embroideries, I think - but I have no idea what will happen to them after that!
More 'same but different' - this time a set of three post cards for a birthday swap.  I used my 'stitch and burn' technique to create the applique hexagons - not at all traditional - lots of fun!  Then I couched some threads to give a bit more texture and interest.  All good fun!
 Lastly, for the curious, I did finish the tiny purse - but I can't say that it's a great success.  Open, like this, not too bad (and I'll confess out here in public that I couldn't manage to stitch the linings in - they received the full force of a hot glue gun to keep them in place - please don't throw me out of the stitching Brownies - I'll try harder next time!).

Closed, though?  It's just plain ugly!  I need to use ribbon and a zip that go together, I need to use brighter 'cover' fabric, and I need to replace the nylon not-that-nice zip with a metal one (which will have cotton sides and so be easier to stitch through, I hope!).   I'm not down hearted, but it is an ugly little thing, so I've resolved to try again at some point and to do better!
Plenty more stitching things to get on with (I managed to make a quilting 'to-do list' for 2013 which doesn't include the half-square triangle blocks which are lurking next to my sewing machine, oops, so need to try again with the brain engaged).  Plenty more design things to get on with too, as I'd like to get my current C&G module finished before half term arrives - and I need to re-learn what I've half learnt and forgotten from my GIMP classes in order to move some of what's in my head onto the screen!
Happy Burn's Night, one and all.  Nearly time for my (veggie) haggis with neeps and tatties


  1. I think the little purse is so cute - especially the inside.

  2. The samples look lovely, have fun working on them, and the postcard hexies are fab. The purse? I agree with Annabelle, it looks great from this side, but you are clearly not happy with it. Have you given it the daughter test? Are they fighting over it?


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