Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Can you bear another sample photo or two?

No, honestly, I'm not doing this for fun - but Blogger is still telling me to add purple overlays to my (in real life) white quilting samples!

This is my free form feather with stippling - nothing particularly exciting, I'm afraid, and not one of my best feathers, although I was trying to balance each blob with a partner one and I did at least manage to get a matching number!
This was the other sample that I've sewn this week.  It was fun coming up a continuous line quilting pattern based on one of my designs from my last C&G module on media......  You can still see most of the elements from the design if you look carefully between the two photos, although some parts worked better than others after I'd simplified it!

I'm not sure that I'm going to manage more than samples this week either..... particularly not if I'm going to try and find out why my photos are upsetting Blogger so much!  perhaps Blogger thinks that mostly white photos are too dull? I'll try more colour next week, perhaps!


  1. Your FMQ looks lovely Plum. And how strange about the colours over the top, although I have to say, it makes your work look very pretty! I have been having problems with blogger too in that I can't change the size of my photos. Normally I just insert the picture, click on it, add a caption and change the size. But not this week, and it's driving me crazy! Especially on my Quilt Candy blog which I want to be perfect. Doh! Keep up the good work, you are zooming ahead aren't you. I have so much catching up to do!

  2. Lovely quilting Plum. Blogger can be V frustrating. None of my blog feeds update unless I go into the setting and try to set up a new template.

  3. Oh, I think your feather is gorgeous--I am envious of your talent...so pretty...Julierose

  4. I love love this (your name too!) Grandson (6) has a girlfriend called Coco Plum - isn't that gorgeous too?

  5. Love the continuous line FMQ, you are getting really good at this! Do you ave another computer you can try. I have problems editing if I want o change a comment I'm typing on the iPad. For some blogs I can tap where I want to edit and it's fine, for others I have to either back space back to the error, or [preview] edit and hope I tap in the right place, but the Samsung tablet - no problems at all!


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