Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Who Knew?

Who knew that when mentioning my osteopath in the last post I'd be on the phone to the practice within minutes, squeaking with pain as my lower back had completely gone into hideous spasm, with pains shooting down both legs to boot?

Very ouchy indeed, and it's only now, after 5 sessions with the osteo (and more booked!) that I've been able to set my foot onto the sewing machine pedal for a few minutes.  So much for my idea of starting to quilt my log cabins!

On the other hand once the worst was over and I was able to sit up without wincing, I have been able to more or less finish a little book that I've been making for a friend's birthday.  As it happens, I've still missed the deadline (she celebrates today!) but at least the present won't be as late as I feared it might be!

It's been fun to play with variegated thread, to print out a few 'friends' related texts, and add a few scraps of cloth.

Not quite finished yet, but when I'm happy that the pages are busy enough (I want to give her plenty to look at!) I'll stitch round the edges of the double pages to conceal all the stitching, perhaps with another layer to stiffen them.

I'm just pleased that I had a little handwork ready to go 
 so that I didn't have to sit and twiddle my thumbs when I couldn't concentrate on anything much!  In fact, I should be setting myself up with another little project so that I've got easy access to something should I need it again.  Perhaps another little colour catcher project, as I do find them quite easy to stitch through, and I do like how they look.


  1. Oh no you poor thing. I do hope the pain eases up soon. The book looks gorgeous, your friend will love it. So thoughtful. How is your C and G going or is that on hold? I have a few projects to finish then I am going to return to it with renewed energy!

  2. Ouch, whatever you did to cause that, don't do it again!! The book is really lovely, I just chuck my colour catchers, now I'll need to keep them, I'm sure the house isn't overflowing with stuff I wanto make something with "one day"

  3. I hope the pain is gone, never nice. Your little book is lovely and I'm intrigued to see it finished.


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