Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ex Libris?

Not really 'ex', as I seem to be creating my own miniature library of books, using different techniques and materials.

It started with my C&G book, then moved onto this stitched book (and look, now I've finished the pages around the edges, so it's ready to send off).

 Then I used some recycled papers - magazines, vintage cookery book pages, toilet roll, packing paper. All with a bit of cutting, some gesso for where I want my writing to go, and either stitching or glue to hold them, depending on the design.
 Then came two more 'book from a single sheet' books - one for each of my DD's.  I'd love to show a photo but despite a request that they should be available to demonstrate how a book could look to my gal pals, they seem to have disappeared into the deepest, darkest recesses in the house (or maybe not, just under something that I haven't moved, or neatly filed on a bookshelf and forgotten?  Who can tell - all I know is that none of us seem to know where they might be now). (Bitter?  Moi? !!)

Then this little book, more hastily put together as a demonstration piece (and sewn rather than glued, as that was going to be quicker for me).

It uses a single sheet of 12" x 12" paper,
with a little extra paper or card for the three tags where you can hide extra text or photos.  The finished size of the book is 3" square.

Next time I make one I'll try to remember to take photos for a quick tutorial.  They don't have to take long to make, and can be embellished / decorated / filled with whatever you fancy.  I like white gesso and gold stamped frames and decorations, but the possibilities are endless.

I had lots of fun with some of my girl friends creating last night - and you can see the book that Avril made here.  Cute book, and cute photos of it too!


  1. Hi Plum
    I love your little book (and Avril's!) I'd love to have a go at one - how about a book-a-long???

  2. I'm with Gill! A little tutorial will mean we can play long too! They look great fun


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