Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

I managed to finish this hanging before Christmas!  I even managed to finish it before we sold Christmas trees for the school, bought our own (yes, of course from the sale!), brought it home and decorated it. 

You might have expected a photo of our real tree too, but that might detract from the beautiful simplicity of this one! 

The idea is based on a 'Don't Look Now' pattern called 'White Christmas' (if you live in West London you can buy it from Creative Quilting at Hampton Court).  Mine is much, much simpler - but knowing that I didn't want to cut out lots of snowflake shapes (scissors aren't always my friend and I didn't want a sore shoulder / arm as a result of the desire to make a tree like this) so I asked Ani Catt to cut some for me on her die cutter machine.  Then all I had to do was determine a suitable sized triangle, iron the snowflakes on, and quilt it.  Despite having an argument with the thread I was using for some of the time (once I'd changed thread I didn't have any more problems) it was really fast and fun to make up.  Perfect in our kitchen instead of the quilts usually displayed there.

That was the only sewing that I managed this week.  Apart from a few more origami wreaths (such fun to make and so fast!) my busy fingers have been busier writing Christmas cards than anything else.  Oh, and buying myself a new camera rather than leaving it to chance or Santa - a lovely red Olympus VG-130, which is even lighter than my old camera.....

I hope that you are finding plenty of time for crafting in the run up to Christmas.


  1. That looks lovely Plum, I haven't even been in to the cupboard to drag the tree out yet so you're well ahead of me!

  2. thankyou for your kind comments, isnt christmas stressfull, ggrrrr.....

  3. I love the tree. Are the snow flakes bondawebbed on? What sort of size are they? I have paper punches of snowflakes but they are tiny, but I quite agree that cutting with scissors is not an option! Congrats on the camera, I've finally got decent batteries for mine!

  4. Wow Plum!
    Your tree is beautiful - what a great idea!!

  5. I adore your tree quilt, what a spectacular design, so simple on first glance and then so much detail, lovely, well done. Have a very happy Christmas.

  6. It's lovely! I do like the Don't Look Now designs!

  7. Hello Plum - what a delightful quilt! Brilliant use of those snowflakes - you've given me ideas now for the heart shapes for Valentines Day! :O)
    - Ani

  8. congratulations[I think]send me your adress on my comments you have won a prize!!!!! from tina on sweetypie


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