Thursday, 10 November 2011

Are you bored yet?

 Yes, more buttons - just about the only sewing that I've done this week, unless you can count sewing a button onto a shirt..... and no, not one of these, just the shirt button that had fallen off.

Although I've been a bit worn out recently, I have managed to design a couple of blocks for my C&G course (what would I do without Quilt Pro to get my straight lines straight for me?  It's lovely to be able to make a very rough sketch and then translate into a block that I can easily edit / re size / recolour using Quilt Pro!).

Perhaps I'll actually get around to making them next week.
Just for fun, here is a little part of our home firework display.  DH was in charge of the entertainment, the hens were locked away (and didn't squawk, so didn't seem upset about the flashes and bangs so close their bedroom), and the DD's and I enjoyed the spectacle wrapped in camp blankets on the patio.  All good old fashioned fun, although without a bonfire or a guy.......


  1. These are lovely Plum. Glad you had a good firework evening as well.

  2. lovely buttons! No, I'm not at all bored of seeing our creations!


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