Friday, 7 October 2011

Camp blanket fun

This is DD2's camp blanket.  No, she isn't old enough to join Brownies yet.  Yes, she did get to take DD1 to a Brownie camp fire last week where she saw how camp blankets could be used.  Yes, I had already bought the Laurel Burch panel and the fleece for backing it, and DD2 was able to choose sufficient fabric for the badge panels on either end from my stash.....  I'm pleased to report that she's jolly happy with it!  (There is an element of indulging her slightly this week too, as she is missing her big sister who is off on a school residential week - the longest they've been away from each other since DD2 was born).

My other sewing was of the domestic variety again.  Oven gloves.  A long and fruitless search for the right shape and texture oven glove is over - I've used a combination of Insul-bright and cotton wadding and a FQ of Kaffe Fasset to make my own.  What the photo doesn't show, of course, is that I was making them whilst feeling a bit under the weather, and although I knew that I had to reverse two shapes, as I changed the way that I was making them part way through I got a bit muddled, so each glove has a bright side and a white side both in and out..... oh well, kitchen utility items don't have to be perfect, do they?!

I enjoyed Jan Hassard's talk at my quilting group on Monday.  She brought along an astonishing number of quilts from around the world - very interesting and very inspiring.  She also showed a few of her own - including the interwoven log cabin one that we'll be attempting a simpler version of later this month at a workshop that she's giving.

My last photo - which I should really have cropped just to show the ATC (artist trading card) is to try and show the amazing micro quilting by Tracey Pereira.  If you ever come to visit ask to see it, as it is amazing - look at how detailed it is,both quilted and hand coloured -  and it's just 3 1/2" x 2 1/2".  In fact, if you make it as far as my craft room you won't need to ask as it's going to become a permanent feature to remind me what to aim for in quilting!  I was very lucky, as this was just one of many lovely ATCs and fabric postcards that I received on my birthday - being part of a couple of birthday swaps is lovely!

Right, time to go off and make a start on today's 'To Do' list!


  1. Gosh what a packed post! I have zero short term memory at the moment, so I shall keep scrolling and down to remind myself what I want to comment on!
    Lovely camp blanket, I bet F loves it. Hope G is safely back now, tired but happy! I LOVE the oven gloves fabric, bet they look great in the kitchen. Interesting design feature to have two different fabrics inside and out, LOL. I said some VERY rude words when I read about the quilting talk. (drat this short term memory loss). I totally forgot that the date was changed, and paid no attention when you invited me last week, as the diary said is was on the 10th. And I was free last Monday, grrrrrrrrrrr! When is the workshop? Any chance I can join! That ATC is amazing, lucky you! Epic over, havea good w/e. Jackie D s over

  2. Sorry, posted before I finished, LOL. Jackie D is over from Ireland and we are "knitting and Stitching" tomorrow :-)


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