Monday, 17 October 2011

Button Crazy!

I've done some more work on the buttons that I'd started last week, and started a few more too - I've gone button crazy!

 This is what 'button 1' turned into once I'd added more bullion stitches and french knots in variegated threads.
 Out of order - this is button number three and my least favourite so far.  I need to try the lacy edge stitch again, this time with the instructions in front of me, instead of trying to remember them whilst waiting in a coffee shop for the girls to finish their activities!
 This is what 'button 2' turned into - lots of french knots again, and I've called it 'mossy pools'.
 Another french knot fiesta - Sea Spray.
And one that looks like maggots growing.  Good practice, but not a thing of beauty, more scientific interest!

I think that my next button adventures might include beads or tiny other buttons (although a button decorated with buttons is approaching Simon's reason for not ever planting onion setts - planting an onion to grow an onion just feels wrong, and I'm not sure that buttons decorating buttons, pretty though they may be, might just feel a bit wrong to me!).

So have I just spent the week making buttons?  Pretty much.  A couple of blocks (one machine sewn, one hand sewn) for my C&G course, and that's it.  On the other hand I have managed some sketching, some tidying of the craft room, and lots of extra sleep, so it hasn't all been bad!

Happy stitching!


  1. Simons onion argument is similar to Brian's description of our hobby - buying fabric and cutting it up to sew back together again! The buttons are great. I bought my fabric today for the class! Yippee

  2. Plum, these colourways are so restful to look at, beautiful.

  3. Love your buttons, so pretty! I can see how you could get addicted to making them.


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