Monday, 25 April 2011

Quick and Dirty!

Not much sewing over the last week, but I've finally taken a snap of the 'camp blanket' that  I made for DD1's Brownie camp fire excursions.

It really was 'quick and dirty' techniques at their finest.  A large (and lovely) Laurel Burch mermaid panel for the centre (what a lovely present that was from her Aunty Nicky), simple maths to add panels for badges to be sewn to, and then a forgiving border which also wraps around the edge to become the binding too.  Each part 'stitch and flipped' onto fleece, with a couple of extra lines of 'quilting' across the mermaid panel to stop it from shifting.  No more than two hours from idea to completion, as I was able to 'shop my stash' for the fabrics and the fleece backing - and that was with DD2 'helping' me as she was off school that day!

Now, of course, I'm after a similar - but different -  Laurel Burch panel piece for DD2's blanket.....

My other 'quick fix' was to not learn how to draw out marvellous quilting designs in Quilt Pro, but instead to purchase a loopy tree design from Urban Threads and trace it using wash-away pen.  Much quicker, but I am a little concerned that the hot weather might 'set' the pen.  I really didn't envisage summer temperatures so early in the year.  I will get around to original quilting designs at some point, but I knew that I only had limited time to set up some hand quilting, and that the drafting stage wouldn't be a fast one for me!

I'm back-stitch quilting it over lambs wool wadding and butter muslin backing - and it feels lovely and soft.  I've actually made more progress than this shows, but forgot to take a photo of it.  It's going to be around for a while, though, so I'll post another picture later in the process.


  1. Hi Plum, just been over to Urban threads, what great designs, thanks for mentioning them. Lovely snuggly quilt as well.

  2. What a good idea. Mine had the blankets from the Guides Association; we appliance their name and cut a diagonal slit so they could wear it like a poncho. I have some yummy mermaid fabric that I use in my I spy quilts. Similar colours and idea to yours, but no idea who the designer is. I'll dig it out and send you a pic, if it's any good you are welcome to it. (tell F she may have to remind you to nag me to remember!)

  3. The Brownie camp blanket is wonderful...I bet the girls love it. (Two hours.....seriously?)


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