Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Baking not Sewing.

My creative energies, such as they are, have been directed at the kitchen over the last week instead of the craft room, as DD1 turned 8.  The most important things for any birthday celebration are cake and friends (DD1's words, not mine, and a strongly held tenet since she was 3) and despite not always finding the energy to do as much as I'd like to with the girls, making a birthday cake for them has been something that I've always managed.  I can't manage a professional finish, but I try to make up for it with love - sounds a bit like my quilts!

This was the one for the actual birthday - fairly simple.
DD's were impressed with the first outing of my edible glitter!

This year the party theme was 'jazzy jewellery' - as the main focus of the craft activity was making bag charms and necklaces  - so I made this jewellery box cake.  I also made a whole tree of dairy free cupcakes so that the party guest who can't eat the main cake could still join in.

All very nice, but as soon as I've recovered from the party (and finding somewhere for all the presents to live!) I'll be back sewing again.


  1. I love the jewellery box cake!

  2. very nice cakes, they look yummy.

  3. Not one but TWO decorated Birthday cakes AND a batch of fancy cupcakes??!! Someone has a clever and lovely Mummy, they are *very* lucky indeed.

  4. Wow what great cakes, especially that jewellery box cake, great idea. Now I hope you're putting your feet up for a while :)

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