Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Race is On!

I've made this quilt for my eldest nephew (and Shhhh!  anyone who knows him, unless they think it's too girly, in which case speak out loud and clear and tell me) from lovely Amy Butler fabrics and calico. The pattern template is simple - a CD!  I also used some text fabric (thank you, Avril!) on the central circle that's a bit like 'Janet and John' - overall my homage to his Media / English studies.  I finished it this morning, when DH kindly took the girls to the supermarket so I could have a little sewing time. 

Now the question is this.  Can I make a quilt for his younger brother from scratch in the five days that I have until I need it to be finished, so that I can given them quilts when I see them, instead of waiting until Christmas?

I've decided on a simple pattern (although I say it's simple, the only time I made it before, I got some of the pieces turned in the wrong directions - a surprisingly large number of them, it turns out!).  I like the idea of the friendship stars and how they link to create a secondary pattern.  Now I just need to check which fabrics I might have enough of, cut them, sew them, cut them so more, sew them some more, add wadding and a backing, baste it, quilt it, bind it and sew the label on.......

I'd better hope that DH is going to take the girls out again tomorrow so that I can get a bit of a start, and then really get to work on it when the girls are back at school on Monday!

Ready, steady, sew!

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