Thursday, 28 October 2010

Liberty Jack Bandwagon

I've been keen to try my hand at a 'Liberty Jack' type design since seeing Janey Forgan's in the V&A exhibition earlier this year.  My dear friend Kate's moving to Australia and asking for a similar cushion cover was a handy excuse to choose a few 'Liberty style' prints (and I can thoroughly recommend the stall on the Cattle Market site in Kingston on Mondays if you, too, are looking for cotton or lawn prints at a reasonable price).

There are any number of tutorials about how to make this type of design, but I didn't find any (at a quick look) who incorporated the counterchange of the saltaires (or for those who haven't been reading the Observer Book of Flags, making sure that the white of the St Andrew's diagonal cross is dominant over the red diagonal cross of St Patrick, by having more white showing 'higher' closer to the hoist, or pole side).  I notice that Janey Forgan's does, and I wanted mine to as well.  Easy enough to achieve, technically accurate, but I'm not sure that I'd do it next time, as the diluted 'even placement' is easier on eye, as this reads quite lop-sided to me, despite being square (and yes, I know that flags aren't usually square either, but checking with Kate she'd wanted a square cushion).

It's 16" square, and made with raw edge applique.  To keep it soft I didn't use any fusibles - but I have 'pinked' all the edges to reduce the amount of fraying - I love my wavy edged rotary cutter!  Another quick project completed.

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  1. MMM lovely Plum. I'll put in an order for those fabric the next time you are in Kingston on a Monday!


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