Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Fragments IV and my busy girls.

I've started! I've started a few small embellishments for my latest woven strips quilt (cunningly named Fragments IV - I can see a series and understand the nomenclature!. OK, so at the moment they look a little like glamorous safety pins, but I've got some other ideas to try, honest!

This week at my jewellery class we learnt to extend the techniques learned at last week's class by making bracelets. I've already done a little extra by making kilt pin brooches. Actually, I only planned and made the one on the left, F made the one in the middle, G made the one on the right (and made some surprisingly tasteful choices!). I can see that jewellery making could easily become a shared activity for the three of us. Good for our fine motor skills and patience, I'm sure!

The girls also enjoyed making postcards to swap with a very kind friend who'd sent them fabric cards. I'm quite proud of the girls for knowing that if you get a special card through the post it's nice to 'swap' and send one in return.

Frankie started one with a picture of Alfie the dog on a beach, but changed her mind and asked me to start a doodle pattern for her to colour. Georgie went straight for icebergs, polar bear, penguins (yes, we've told her that they won't meet, but she says that she knows that but they can in her picture) and dolphins. I didn't help with the composition but I did help with stitching the elements down.

I'd like to get some more quilting done this week. Projects seem to be slow moving at the moment, rather like me.....


  1. all three of you coming up with some lovely work! Super postcards from the girls - I'm up for a swap if they want another 'customer'

  2. How kind, thank you Benta! I think that we'll get their next craft challenges out of the way first (involving junk modelling, colouring, and making teeth for scary plants made from yoghurt pots!)but might come back to you after that!

    Plum xx

  3. Hi Plum, f and g, loving my cards and great to see them here.


  4. Hello my dear, just a gentle reminder of your guest post on Friday Oct 15th at Stash Manicure...please confirm...thanks madame samm


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