Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Year? New Technique

Fired up by the start of the new school year I decided that it was time to take on a block that I've admired for years, but never understood how to construct before. Armed with Lynne Edwards' book 'Cathedral Window Quilts' I've now constructed my first two blocks - and followed her advice about turning them into a pincushion. The photos show the project half completed - you then sew the blocks together along the short sides in order to make the second place for a 'window'.

I love how they look. I quite enjoyed making them, but they do seem to take an extraordinary amount of fabric. This pincushion, roughly 4" square, took 2 x 8.5" squares (the green print) and 2 x 3.5" squares (the purple print). I'll certainly consider making more in the future, but I'm never going to tackle a large project with them!
What about you? Are you fired up by the cooler autumn weather or the new academic year? Are you tempted to try new techniques and take on bold projects?


  1. Very pretty, and a lovely combination of colours. This was one of the first (!!!!) blocks I tried when I started quilting. Needless to say as a newbie, seriously lacking in attention to detail, the result was a tad disappointing and I never revisited the method, but yours are fab

    No, nothing inspirational for the new school year, just a huge list of to-do jobs that have been neglected while I've been embroidering initials onto school pe kits - for mums who can't even do back stitch!!!

  2. Maybe it's time to try the windows again, then? I would be a tricky one to start with!

    I can sympathise with those mums - if I couldn't reach for my machine and 'wing it' I'd probably be on your list too! Back stitch for utility sewing isn't as inspiring as when you do it for fun!


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