Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More Simple Sewing

This is a quilt that I have made for my uncle. When I heard earlier this month that his mobility was deteriorating, but that he still wanted to sit in his conservatory so that he could see into the garden, I thought that a fleece backed quilt would be a good idea, as both 'impaired mobility' and 'sitting in the conservatory' sound chilly to me in a British autumn and I thought that fleece would be lighter and easier to pull over yourself than a normal three-layer quilt.

I wasn't quite fast enough with the construction and quilting, and my uncle has now gone into hospital, where I can't imagine he will need a quilt. I'm trying to decide what the best destination for this quilt would be. I don't think that I can give it to Dorothy House or another care home (as it's fleece backed and includes some poly-cotton shirtings in the quilt top), but perhaps one of his grandsons (my second cousins) would like it....time to cogitate.

Now it's probably time to go and tackle some more of the Infant school embroidery thread supply - looking more like The Clangers blue string pudding than a sensible collection of threads, I've been waiting for more cardboard bobbins to arrive (bless you, eBay!) so that I can carry on winding them into order. Of course, I know that it's a job that will need to be re-done at least every term, but I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that it will be a temporary improvement.

(and yes, looking at the photo again, one might wonder why I didn't put the top of the quilt furthest away from me, but off to the side instead....!)

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  1. Plum, just a thought. when my uncle went into hospital he was sure that it was temporary, although we were all just as sure it was permanent. Maybe you should give it to him, and tell him its for sitting in the conservatory. He will appreciate the thought, and one of his grndsons can have it later, and they will associate it with him



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