Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Little Sewing

Whilst pondering the flower tree quilt, I've done very little sewing (in fact, very little of anything), but I'm delighted to have been back behind a sewing machine again for the first time in over a week.

In about an hour and half I'd whipped up a little baby quilt (using my own 'free pattern') for a new cousin to two of my nieces (family, but not genetically entwined with us!). Unfortunately in my enthusiasm I managed to scorch it :-( so now the scorch mark is in iced water and I shall hope that it's gone in a couple of hours. It isn't time critical, though, as I'm not exactly sure which day over the weekend she was born (the perils of letting DH take a call with the news!) and I'd like to sew the date as well as her name onto the quiltlet.

I've also made this little piece couching some threads over a non-woven stuff, which was over some of my favourite batik. Just a small piece that will hang on my wall as a place to keep quilting badges.
Not tough, not big, not clever, but manageable and fun!


  1. If your scorch mark doesn't go with the iced water I'd be inclined to tea dye it instead to cover it up - sweet little quilt though :o)

  2. Good advice - thanks Anne. I was lucky and it came out - the other advice on the web talked about hydrogen peroxide, which I've never used and don't have lying about just in case..... I think that I'd have tea dyed it too!


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