Monday, 30 August 2010

The Kew Horticultural Show

The show, held on Saturday, was lovely. Old fashioned 'village' show, with fierce competition over the dahlias, marrows. and so on. We like to enter a few categories, not for the glory so much as the joining in and spending a day with family who live in Kew.
I won a 2nd place for an applique cushion, but Pally won a brilliant 4th place for her cushion that she'd made using some of my stash (see this post). Aged 11 she was thrilled to beat some 'grown-ups' in the category.

My little stars did well. G won two well deserved second places and a commended, and F won first, second and fourth places - so they received noteworthy places in every category that they entered. F also won something a bit special - the Pat Thomas Cup for Children's Photography. At five years old she is the youngest ever winner, and we are very proud of her. It was worth the three minutes of letting her pull us into the right pose and the two shots that she took (the category theme was 'Family'). F has generously said that G can share the cup, as she was in the photo......
I should also say that Simon won a third place for his grapes, that I won a third place for my lemon curd, and that I had a block from my quilt group Round Robin earlier in the year included in another crafting category second place.
It's fun, and if you have a show in your local village or town then take my advice and join in - it's makes a great day!


  1. We had out first Craft Show at Wraysbury Village fair this year: the extended family did vey well even though in some groups there were only 3 or 4 entries. I entered 2 quilts in the baby blanket section, but I think the judge was a knitter as a horrible pink thing came first, and although my I-spy came second, my hard work and hand quilted quilt came 4th out of 4 :-(

  2. But meant to say congratulations to you and all of yours for a very healthy clutch of awards: I especially approve of little people beating adults!

  3. Oh dear - better luck next year! It's the taking part that's important......!

  4. Congratulations to you all - what a sucessful family you are. Lovely photo of the girls too - what a jolly pair they look:-)

    Homemade lemon curd? I love the Duchy of Cornwall lemon curd, but I'm willing to bet yours tastes much, much better. Clever girl.

  5. Thank you - yes, the girls are both jolly and mischievious!
    I'll email you my lazy microwave recipe and you can decide for yourself if you like it!


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