Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cloth Base or Thread nest?

After a week with no stitching I was more than ready to tackle some textile again.
I read an article by Jude Hill about making cloth bases for small art quilts by weaving fabric strips. Hers looked gorgeous. Easy, I thought. I'll knock one out whilst the girls are Hama Beading next to me and I'll have something to stitch at tonight....... Hmm. As the above photos show, it's clearly more difficult (for me at least!) to get it right than one might have thought!

This was my third attempt at weaving these strips....and I'm still not sure that I'm happy with it! perhaps after some stitching an clever application of other fabrics it will improve. Otherwise I shall put it to one side and try again - it's just too lovely an idea for it not to work!

Here is one that was inspired by the same article (at least I think it's the same, it's certainly in Quilting Arts Magazine). I think that you can see I have a way to go with mine. Wish me luck!

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