Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Finishes and Disorder!

 Another fabric bucket complete with mini Dresden means another gift completed for later in the year.
 My second Easter wall hanging also started and finished this week.  The pattern is by Ester Aliu, called Easter Blessings.  I've made it with fusible applique.  Plenty of yellows as that's a favourite colour of my SiL (as well as being a great spring colour!). 
 Actually, although I said that it was finished, as I'm looking at it, I realise that I'm not quite happy with it.  The basket fabric looks beautifully different up close like in this shot, but doesn't really have the definition that the bands and handle suggest that it should have.  I can either try and address it with Inktense pencils over the whole basket, or perhaps try to define the edge more with some orange thread quilting.

Sometimes you need to step back in order to see more clearly, don't you?
And the disorder?


We had a fun quilt meeting on Monday, where Benta set us off on a string quilt evening, working in small teams to make blocks for charity quilts.
Although I took some fabric, I seem to have come home with extra, and most of my original fabrics in strings - see the disordered pile above!
These were the blocks that our team made.

I sorted the strings and will make more blocks in order to complete the quilt.  Fun times with fun fabrics!
Of course, despite starting with order, my sewing space quickly descended into disorder.  Its fun, but the process isn't neat!

I'm looking forward to completing the 20 blocks for this quilt top, and I'm thinking that there might be more strips than I need, so more blocks can be made.  Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the piles!

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  1. Cute finishes - sure do love the little Dresden on your basket, and the Easter hanging is adorable.


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