Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Scrap Quilt Memories

 This week I had enough energy to make good progress on this little quilt that I started a couple of weeks ago.

It finishes at 36" x 46".

The blocks in the centre are 'lozenges' (rectangles with the corners 'snowballed') which used up some particular size of squares that I had.  Then I had almost enough rectangles to create a border around them.  Just five more needed to be cut - one from a scrap of fabric that I had beside my sewing machine, four for the corners from another left over piece.
 What is odd is that it isn't just the fabrics in this quilt that were provoking memories, but the actually shape of the pieces.  I only made one quilt that used these 8" x 4" rectangles - a wedding quilt for a dear friend who died not many years after he married.

I relived some of the happy memories of making the quilt for him and his wife and of the phone call from him on his wedding day, with their 'thank you' for the quilt.

I wouldn't think that a simple measurement could bring all that back so vividly!  I'm almost sad that I've used all of them now - although happy that I've made a further dent in my scrap drawers!
Backed with my grey Ikea fabric (I'm bored with it now, but as I only have enough for another quilt or so I haven't got far to go with it!) and bound with a 'bubble' pattern fabric.

Another quilt for Project Linus is complete!


  1. Hi Plum, was so nice to read that all those lovely times and memories kept you company while making this lovely quilt, and to think it is going to keep some one warm and be loved. Cheers Glenda. Cheers

  2. What a happy cheerful quilt! Glad the memories were happy ones! Xxx


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