Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Two more small finishes

 This was the little quilt that arrived as a result of the leftover scrappy HSTs.  These were mainly the 'medium' charms that didn't easily fit either the dark or lights that I needed for the pattern on my last quilt.

Just a couple of extras cut from stash, plus a central block of the hen fabric that appears in quite a few of my scrap quilts!
 It finished at 40" square.

I wasn't sure what binding to use.  I wondered about something in a soft colour to complement the sashing  / border (which reminds me of an old fashioned eiderdown) but decided instead to pick up on the greens that appear in some of the blocks with a lime green spotty binding.  Not the perfect green, but the best that I had in my stash!
 Quilted with a loop-de-loop pattern, it came together fairly quickly in the end.
 The same can't be said about this weeks Aves block, which I'm finding very slow. 

Of course, if I managed to sew the right pieces to the pattern it might be quicker - yesterday I sewed eight pieces with the wrong fabrics (and unpicked them all, despite the short stitch length because of it being foundation piecing).  This is on top of the unpicking that I've done because I've failed to place the pieces well enough (those tricky triangles).
 Then there was the trimming mistake, where I suddenly decided to cut along a sewing line, not a cutting line.....sigh!

It's a beautiful block, I just hope that I can do it justice - eventually!

My second finish?  The mini heart quilt shown here on my sewing room wall, along with some of the other sewing - complete or still in progress from this year.

I need to take 'final shots' of it, but I enjoyed quilting and finishing it last week.

On to other new projects now!

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  1. Even scraps from your scraps make a lovely quilt! Well done. Good luck with your aves block xxx


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