Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Pick 'n' Mix

Its been a week of many different things this time!

Aves BOW week 7 complete!

Of course, I'm working on Week 8 now, which is the flying geese circle for around this block.
 I also spent a day at a workshop arranged by my quilt group (Richmond and Kew Quilters) and run by Gillian Travis who was teaching her 'Interchange' fusible applique technique.

I started this penguin wall hanging which finished at home (once I'd got back to a machine with zig zag stitch on it).

Good fun!
 I'd started cutting these out at the workshop too.  Love always wins (hearts) but hugs (O) and kisses (X) are good too!
 Then there was the passport holder made so that DD1 could carry her passport with her during her work experience placement (with enough room in a back pocket for a couple of coins and a tissue too, just in case!
 I even managed a quilty finish too!

The 4" squares looked a little dull just as they were, so I appliqued a flower on top.  Better, but still not my best work.  I think that a red might have worked better as a flower.  Next time I'll audition more fabrics before going for it.

Approximately 40" x 20"
I hope that it will still make someone happy!

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  1. I love the aves block - looking forward to seeing them together, and I’m so
    Impressed with the penguins finish! The different size blocks really work well together! I really hope G enjoys her work experience - it should be amazing!


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