Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Fun Times!

 Aves Quilt BOW part 8 - shown here first as the ring that I created...
 .....and here actually attached to the block centre that we made last week.
 There was also a second part to this week's 'work' - making and adding the stripe sections to four blocks that we'd made previously.  Lovely and colourful!
 Time left over to start on 'Betty's Quilt' too.  I've got a variety of purples and hope to be able to create a pattern with the layout when I've made them all.  This is just the first set of 8 (plus my original sample block) laid out to check that the secondary pattern is looking how I expected!
Card making too  - these sample blocks from Gillian Travis's workshop make good toppers for a couple of cards.  Always nice to be able to use samples for something useful.

I'm off to do some more sewing now!  Hope that you are able to enjoy some crafting time this week too.


  1. Dear Plum
    Aves is looking beautiful, I was so tempted with that one. Alas 365 is still not finished, so it has to get done first.
    Love the cards, they are fun to make.

  2. Beautiful geese ring Plum. I am intrigued by the block in Betty's Quilt, lovely secondary pattern.

  3. So the goose ring and the red batik blocks belong together? It’s going to be amazing! And I love the Betty’s blocks - is that the 80th pressie?

  4. The flying goose ring is absolutely lovely, very impressive. All of your projects look great.

  5. Loved what you are doing here Plum. this is the 3rd time Ive popped in and hope this message goes this time. Your fly-geese circle is beautiful love the colours, thats quiet a challenge you are doing? then those wee red blocks Hmmmm I do love red you have set my mind racing LOL And then those wee cards just make me smile !!!!! Love ducks they are soooo soft and cuddly, we use to have them on the farm when I was growing up. Hugs Glenda


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