Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Totally Tropical

 It will only be people of a certain generation and geographical area that are now picturing a can of Lilt.... with the 'totally tropical taste'!

Not much sewing this week - just this block to keep up with the Aves BOW.  It finishes at 6 1/2" and is a very pretty and delicate design.

So this wasn't the tropical bit, the visit to the Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens was.
 My photos don't do it justice.  We had the pleasure of a sunny day and were able to enjoy the colours and shapes of the flowers and plants in the best possible way.
 It makes me so happy to enjoy the bright colours that nature gives us without any help at all.
 It makes me want to start flinging fabrics in gorgeous hues around!
 And then adding more fabrics as backgrounds to set them off....
 I'm pleased that the hive is staying at Kew for a bit longer too.  Magical structure - I love the look
and the sound of it!
We enjoyed a quick canter through the Palm House too.  We are so lucky to live nearby and just be able to pop in when we choose.

More half term excursions planned, so sewing will take a back seat for the week whilst family fun takes centre stage.

I hope that you are also enjoying your week!


  1. Hi Plum your photos look like they were taken from around here LOL Specially the Heliconias and the orchids. Your Palm glass house is like looking out my windows!!!! So glad they are going to leave that amazing sculpture also, I would love to hear it sing? Cheers Glenda

  2. Well done on finishing that block - it’s beautiful xxx


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