Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Plenty of Sewing

 I've had a little more 'oomph' this week - so I'm delighted to share a finish, a start and another BOW block!

This is the finish.  48" square, made of almost all the charm squares that I own, mostly cut from my scraps as part of my scrap busting on-going project.
 Some of the points are accurate.....
 ....some of them less so - oops!
 Still, the overall effect is the one that I wanted, so I'm happy!
 I also started two more projects.  This little mini quilt (from Tickled Pink by Collette Howie in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine).  Smaller than her pattern as I only had part of a FQ of the background fabric. 

Using a couple of my Christmas gift FQs for the hearts.  I'm still considering what quilting pattern(s) to sew.

The other start is one to use up the other HSTs from the first project - leftovers from the leftovers!  No photos as I forgot, but I hope to have it finished by next week.
 Snowfall here in London - quite rare over the last few years, but rarer still to see it with sunshine.
Finally, this weeks Aves block - number 6. 

I'm going to enjoy staying inside in the warm and doing a little more sewing!

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  1. Oooh Plum, I LOVE the HST quilt. How tiny were the triangles on the #6 block? Insanity!!!


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