Wednesday, 1 November 2017

More and More

 More work on my scrap quilt - in fact, I'd already got to this stage of sashing the 'coins' with this coffee coloured print before Avril suggested quilting to represent the steam rising from a hot coffee...... she must have known!  You can see how well this size of quilt fits on my living room floor for basting!

I'm now part way through the quilting - using Avril's idea but my (slightly wonky!) take on it.

Quilting photos next week!
 More XX blocks for the 70,273 project too!

These delights are from Benta - can you see the detail on them?  Three in dark red, three in bright red, and with different fill patterns used.

Thanks, Benta!
These will join the blocks that I and the girls have made and be sent into school later this week.

Small steps, as befits a week when I've been away on an exciting holiday.  More of that when I've sorted out some of the images, as I have a feeling that they might be informing some design ideas soon!


  1. Oh Plum those red crosses for remembrance are lovely have you hand embodied these ones? A sad story but lovely that people are still been reminded of that sad time. Hugs Glenda

  2. Love the colours you have used in your coin Quilt Plum, great way to use up scraps and get the most effective quilt. Looking forward to seeing your quilting of it up close. Hugs Glenda


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