Wednesday, 15 November 2017


 This one seemed to take forever!  I've been a slow hand stitcher for the last couple of weeks, so the binding on this has had a long elapse time from start to finish.  Of course, if finishes come slowly it makes them all the more sweet!

Approximately 43" x 60" - just about my favourite size to work on!

 I followed Avril's advice and quilted wavey lines and swirls in my best attempt at steam rising from a cup of coffee.  I found out how difficult it was to keep a linear pattern looking good whilst using a hopping foot - I needed to shift my hand position several times on each line which didn't always go well!  Still, a few minor bumps on a line will just give more character to it!
 A cheerful 'Provencal' print for the back and a brown with gold dot lines for the binding finish the quilt off.
More hand stitching!

This owl was made at my quilt group meeting.  If I was to make another one I think that I'd leave off the scarve and add some tummy detail..... but I think that the scarf is to tie him to conventional Christmas colours.

Always fun to stitch and chat to others!


  1. Hi Plum congrats on a finish and it looks great, love the swirls LOL. I really have to try machine quilting it scars me some thing awful. Love love wee owl. He makes me smile I’m still smiling! The eyes say it all LOL. Cheers Glenda

  2. Hehe - that's a cute owl ornament. LOVE that backing and binding for this quilt! I know just what you mean about the challenge in long lines of quilting with free-motion work. You did a really great job.

  3. Love the colours in the quilt - they work really well together! And the quilting is really pretty! Well done xxx


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