Wednesday, 8 November 2017

And now for something completely different.....and something not!

 Last week I tried my hand at something COMPLETELY different to anything that I've ever tried before - making glass beads using a very hot flame and glass rods.

It was very exciting!

In a three hour workshop session with Kim of BethyBooBeads my sister and I each managed to make 6 beads, as well as having a demonstration of 'how to' and time to make jewellery at the end whilst our beads finished cooling.  A great morning!

 I'm extremely proud of what I made.  I realise that to more accomplished bead makers they might not be impressive, but for me they are sufficiently round, sufficiently decorated and sufficiently close to what I'd hoped to achieve!

Fancy learning a new crafting skill?  If you are in the UK then '' is great for showing what might be near you - or for giving you ideas of other crafts that you might want to investigate - knife making? black smithing? flower crocheting?  Something for everyone, I'm sure!
 Although I started off making a key ring with half my beads, I've decided that I'd prefer to have them displayed on the wall above my work table, so I've rehung them near my rulers!  This has two advantages: I can see them every day and they don't run the risk of being caught on something in my bag and being damaged or lost.
 Back in the more familiar world of sewing, I'm proud to say that my DDs have each made three blocks for the 70,273 project.

These were sewn by machine by my DD1.

I love the way that she extended the machine lines right to the edge of the blocks when her ribbon or felt strips weren't as long as she wanted.
 These were handsewn by DD2.  I particularly like the beaded one in the middle.

I'm so proud of both my girls for embracing this project.
 DD1 shown here, busily sewing whilst still in her pyjamas!  Clearly the business of making blocks took precedence over getting dressed!
Including Benta's blocks, the girls have been able to take a total of 20 blocks in to school.  It's been a great project to be part of, and I hope to see some of the completed wall hangings or quilts in Westminster Abbey next year.  Lots of time for reflection over the course of this block making.

Have you come across Sarah Corbett and her 'Craftivism' movement?  Worth investigating if you want to develop the gentle art of protest or encourage others to think about things a little more.

As I'm writing this blog I'm listening to Woman's Hour on Radio 4 - today a celebration of craft, discussing how important craft skills are and showcasing the finalists in the Craft Prize.  Crafter's unite!  I'm passionate about sharing my skills (such as they are) whenever possible, as I believe that a crafting person will always be happier than they otherwise might be.  Hope that you are enjoying some crafting time this week!

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  1. Congratulations Plum on your lovely glass beads, you should be proud of them they are not easy to make smooth and round first time. I have a couple of friends that do amazing work in glass beads, I love them. we are never to young to start a new craft thats for sure. Lovely to see your daughter sewing how lovely that they some times share your love of sewing. Hugs Glenda


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