Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Completed Quilt

 I finished it!  At 45" x 60" it's my favourite size to make and quilt, I think.  Big enough that it can be well used, small enough to handle easily through the sewing machine when I'm quilting it!

This is another one destined for Project Linus - and the latest in my 'scrap busting' series!

The 8" x 4" coloured strips were cut many years ago when I wanted to make a scrappy looking quilt for a good friend who was getting married, and which were added to a little over the years.
 I was aiming for 'boy' colours, so no pink or purple or flowers in this one.  The next one to made to this pattern will contain any of those in my scrap pack!

A meander quilting pattern - restful for me to quilt.
More lovely birthday presents to share - thank you to the lovely Avril!

The picture on the notebook is made of pressed flowers and foliage by Helen Ahpornsiri.  Incredibly detailed!

Aren't the buttons fun too?  I now feel that I would like to make special projects to use both the ceramic bluebirds and the wooden Australian ones!


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