Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mostly Owls!

 I made some owl bunting last week  for my good friend Benta, following her idea of bunting making.  Mine was made using Jennie Rayment's pattern.  Good fun!
 I was thinking about owl jokes - and entertained myself by thinking of making this into a cushion for 'Owl-ivia'.  DD2 objected, though, and as we were making it for one of her friends I reverted to the conventional spelling - although I suspect that there might be a 'Happy Birdy Owl-ivia' card made to accompany this!
 These photos aren't showing the right chronology today.  This was my final owl - reduced in size so that it started with two 2 1/2" squares.  You can see from the cutting mat behind that it ends up at about 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" - a perfect size for a fun brooch!
 This was my bunting trial - a great pattern that uses two 5" charm squares and a few oddments of felt / buttons etc.  This particular owl is likely to decorate a card or a book cover.
Finally, I moved on from owls!  Inspired by Jennie Rayment's penguin bunting (doesn't that sound fun?) I made a penguin card for DH.  Funnily enough, he bought me a penguin card too.
Made my DDs laugh, that he bought something that he knew that I'd like, whereas I made something that I liked rather than necessarily choosing his favourite things.  I explained that clearly it was my DH's good nature that had helped our marriage last so long!

Off to sew some rectangles into square blocks now!  Scrap quilting is calling......

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  1. I love my bunting - and it has been much admired thank you!!!! Love the cushion and brooches too! Had to laugh at yours and Simon's cards - what a lovely man he is!!!! (Almost as lovely as you!)


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