Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Glass Creations

No quilting or sewing in this post, I'm afraid - a change to my usual output!

The almost obligatory 'back to school' photo of DD2 and DD1.

Only taken and displayed to cause them maximum embarrassment to them, of course!

The rest of this post is devoted to the results of the family glass day that we had in the summer.

If you live close enough to Richmond Upon Thames to try out the family course at RACC I can really recommend it!
 The first four pieces are made of float glass which was cut, tacked together with PVA and then kiln fired.

This first one is stood in my homemade stand and is DD2's apple and leaf.  Isn't it terrific?
Our 'group' piece - we are still deciding whether it's a beach hut or a temple!
 My penguin - I'm pleased with it!
 DD1's abstract piece.  Really interesting to see how the additional layers of glass worked in the kiln.
 These pieces are made from bulls eye glass and frit (tiny pieces of coloured glass).

DD1's zentangle and mixed colours.  Love how this turned out!
 My attempt at a bird - it looks better in the photo than in real life (!).

Another time I'd use less  frit.
 Copper tape cityscape by DD2 - it looks great!
DD2's landscape with tree.

I think that these are terrific for our first ever go at anything related to glass.  I'm proud of my girls for embracing the day and getting the most out of it!

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  1. Now I **really** want to go on a glass fusing course - they look absolutely fab! I really want to reach in and touch!!!!


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