Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Using it Up!

 Whilst I'm trying to reduce my scraps I'm trying to go for (almost!) zero scrap generation on my projects - so the obvious thing to do is to keep using the fabrics until there aren't any scraps big enough to do anything useful with.

These are the result of the last quilt.  An A4 book cover, a tissue pack, a zippy pouch.

Oh, and the two cushion covers, of course!

It's working out well!
 I quilting this cover with straight lines to contrast it with the first one that was a grand spiral.

I'm pleased with this one too.
 Here are the pair of 22" cushions together.
 I also thought that I'd share some of the little motifs that I quilted onto the quilt, along the loop-de-loop pattern.

There are flowers....
 ....of various shapes and sizes.

And shells.....
 .... and leaves.....
.....and stars.....
 .....and bolder flowers.....
.....and leaves!

It was a whole bundle of fun to quilt!

Time to give these to my niece and move on to other projects now, but it's been lovely to play with these over the start of the summer holidays!


  1. Lovely motifs! Hugs, Julierose

  2. That's a really good use for the scraps - i think I may need to steal that idea!!!


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