Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Not much sewing, but WOW!

 I've been on holiday.  Of course, I usually pack my sewing machine, but as I was two and a half years behind on my scrapbooking I decided to change crafts and concentrate on that this year.

Before we went away I couldn't help but try out a new pouch style, though.  Unfortunately it didn't quite work out as I'd planned.  I think that I'll be able to re-jig it (and add the planned magnetic snap) but at the moment I'm just leaving it to languish!

 I still love the fabrics, so I'm keen to complete it properly once I'm over my post holiday brain fog!
 More importantly, don't these photos want to make you say 'Wow!"?

I'd heard (thank you Radio 4) that we would get to see a partial eclipse in the UK last Monday, with full eclipse honours going to a band across the USA.

It was handy that I'd shared that info with DH, who happened to be facing the window at tea time and realised what he was seeing
We were super lucky that we had sufficient cloud cover to be able to see what was happening without the cloud obscuring the sun completely.

I'm very proud of DD2 who took these amazing photos!  Big thanks to her for letting me share them!


  1. Wow!! Yes those are truly amazing shots!

  2. Photos fit to be printed for canvas!!! OR... Did their primary school do the Christmas cards from pictures scheme? They will do cards from photos too , really stunning pics and I didn't know we'd be able to see anything !


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