Thursday, 27 July 2017

Let the Quilting Begin!

 The quilt top is complete!

This is always a lovely moment, isn't it?  Quilt top completed.  Although the photo here shows it sideways (DH didn't want to trail it on the damp lawn!) you can see the 3D effect on it.

It was a 'proper' patchwork in the final section when I discovered that I had more light diamonds than I wanted, and not as many darks.  Creative use of the scraps was required to make up the missing shapes that I needed.
 Now backed and basted (aching limbs testify to this - crawling around the floor with fabric, masking tape and spray baste isn't always my favourite thing to do) I'm ready to start quilting!

Feed dogs will be lowered later today and a free motion whirlwind will last until it's complete!
 I also finished a small hand sewing project.  Inspired by the redwork portraits of Tisha Dolton I thought that I'd try a self portrait.

Does it look like me?  I don't know - but you can decide by comparing the stitched image to the photo I used below.

I think that the biggest lesson I learned was to choose a photo where my lips were closed rather than open - that blank space in the mouth looked even worse when I tried to add teeth in!
It's made me reflect on how little I know about what I look like.  I don't wear make up or spend a lot of time on 'image', so as a consequence I don't spend much time in front of a mirror or even considering how I look.  Perhaps a bit longer might be a good thing? 

Anyhow, I'm thinking that I'd like to try and make portraits of my DH and two DDs.  They might look good shown as a set of four.  I wonder if I'll let each family member choose their own thread colour?  Mine, if you can't tell, is purple.

All good fun - and nicely portable for summer holiday projects!


  1. Woohoo!! Yes, it's a fantastic stage! I just finished a huge top today, and I'm dancing with you. :) I'm impressed with your portrait stitching. I don't think I could make it look right if I tried. I'm not a makeup wearer, either. Here's to the freedom of that!

  2. Lovely quilt top Plum. An artist that I admire, who does beautiful pencil portraits, never includes a smile or an open mouth as she says it is so difficult to portray, so don't be hard on yourself!

  3. The quilt looks fab - you've done loads - especially considering it's school hols!!! The portrait is brill too! Xxx


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