Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Scraps in Sixteens

 The mountain of scraps has been tamed!

Here are my resulting piles of 3" squares.  Once I'd finished cutting the scraps they were re-loaded into a (slightly smaller) set of plastic drawers.  First back out are my 3" and 1 3/4" squares, ready to make the first of this set of scrap quilts.
  I've made the first set of 16 'sixteen patch' blocks.  The outer dozen are my pink / purple / bluish ones, with the centre four being the blue / green ones.

Although I've laid it out like this, I'm planning to sash the blocks to show them off a bit better.  I've bought some Kona 'Ash' to do that.
Do you like the little 'square in a square' blocks?  I've included two in each 16 patch, just like the example in 'Scrap Quilt Sensation' by Katherine Guerrier.

They definitely give it a little extra 'zing' don't they?

My plan is to work on this quilt before starting on the next set of sixteen blocks, which will just about be right for the number of 3" squares that I've harvested from my scraps.  I love to lose myself in my little bit of fabric heaven.


  1. Hi Plum lovely to see all those scraps rescued and turning in to a quilt I made my blocks up the same way and added black sashings and using the dark sashings the colours really popped and you could see all the little pieces like gems instead of them all bleeding in to each other. Hugs Glenda

  2. This is going to be so pretty and what a wonderful way to use up fabrics.

  3. Just love those little squares in a square blocks--they add so much to the patches--really great hugs, Julierose

  4. I love the idea of the sashing in between. omg I have so many 2 1/4 inch squares that were given to me. I need to start getting back to putting them into projects.

  5. The square-in-a-square blocks are awesome! This is going to be so pretty with the sashing. Very inspiring, too.

  6. It's all looking lovely, especially with those extra little 's in a s' blocks! Look forward to seeing the effect of the Kona Ash.

  7. Now that you have sorted you have definitely earned the time to see and create! Love the variety of blocks!


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