Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Scrap Happy

 When I was sorting all my scraps I came across a pile of 10 1/2" square pieces of fabric.  Just a couple more light fabric squares added to them gave me 20 HSTs (Half Square Triangles) to play with.

This layout used just 16 of them.
 This used the same 16, but turned the corners to give a boxier look.
 This used all 20 blocks - much more satisfying and a slightly larger quilt.
 It was tweaked slightly, then borders added.

Here is it is basted and ready to be quilted - but not until the hot weather we're being subjected to at the moment cools down a little.  The room where I sew is roasting hot at the moment!

This remains a WIP!
 A little more sewing.  These four cards use my heart orphan blocks - layered with a slightly larger fabric square and sewn onto the card.  Quick but effective, I've already used one!
These took a little longer, but my DD1 was very pleased to give them to her friend.  It's fun to make these small projects with the fabric that my daughters think is most suitable for their chums!

I hope that you are a enjoying the weather where you are!  Happy sewing!


  1. So, the end result is nothing in this world is useless. You have done a great job and your art work is really neat and nice. You have put all colors so beautifully.

  2. Hey this is really impressive work here mate. Thanks for posting it on your blog and sharing it with us all. Looking forward to more great stuff.


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