Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Another Scrap Stash Quilt - and cake!

 Another little quilt finished!  50" x 42".
Sprawled over a sofa it is inviting a snuggle now that the weather is a little cooler again!
 I used the same 'loop the loop' quilting pattern as on the last little quilt.
 I do love this IKEA fabric that I've used for the border, backing and binding.
 I also made a couple of these clever little coasters that you can slip over the base of a wine glass, using the tutorial from 'Busy as Can Be'.  Just 7 charm squares and a few minutes.  Perfect for posting overseas to friends.
 Not too much other sewing done, though, as it was a birthday week in our house.

On the actual day a Victoria sponge was requested.
After the birthday treat of indoor sky diving (!) this cake - trying to recreate the magic of flight, but without the roar of the big fan underneath you!

Its been a tiring week, but a fun one.  Time to settle into some quiet sewing now!

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  1. Hope the sky diving went well! Love the grey - perfect with thefab triangles! I shall look out for some next time I'm at IKEA! Xx


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