Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Small Delights

 I'm giddy with the thrill of another finish!  This might be the last for a while, as it's the final unfinished project that had been put away over the last year or so.

Completed size at about 18" x 14", this really is a mini quilt.  You may remember that it was a laser cut kit from John Flynn.  My accuracy leaves some thing to be desired, but I'm pleased with the overall effect.
 More small delights with these little fabric gift bags (from a tutorial from aspoonsfulofsugardesigns).

They are very easy to make by hand or machine and can either be used as tiny gift pouches or left open to make little 'trays'.  I think that they would be handy for jewellery on holiday - somewhere to put tiny things so that you can find them again!

 Another set of small loveliness.  A couple of gift sets (zippy pouch, fabric covered notebook, tissue holder) for birthday gifts for DD2's friends.

Can you tell that I'm between quilting projects now?! 
 So on to the next project!  These are my overflowing scrap drawers.

At one point I was trying to cut to a system and the drawers are labelled up with the size pieces that I thought I was going to use.

However, more often than not, at the end of a project I ended up stuffing random sizes of fabric into these drawers.  They are now so full that I'm no longer able to do that!

Careful examination showed the zip lock bags where I was keeping scraps according to colour - an idea that I love, but which, again, I'd failed to really follow.

I've now come to the momentous decision that I should actually cut these pieces into standard sizes.  It's going to take me a while!
The key difference this time is that I've decided what two scrap projects I'm going to try and make as a result of the cutting frenzy - which gave me three sizes to aim at. 

In addition I'm going to have anything sensible at 2 1/2" wide (jelly roll width) and 1 1/4" wide (my favourite binding width) as well as 5" (charm squares).

The list of sizes is hung up in front of me so that I can't get distracted into other sizes.  Its going to be time consuming to prep these fabrics but it will be very satisfying to make good use of them at the end!


  1. Lovely finish--just a beautiful piece you've created...

    I have been on cutting spree too. I Find that cutting everything ahead of time doesn't work so well for me--I always seem to need a bigger I kind of cut and go and then cut some more...hugs, Julierose

  2. WOW - your blue mini quilt is quite beautiful. The movement and the color choices are just great. Oh, your scrap bins. Ugg - I do not envy you at all but it will be SO worth it when you've got it all sorted out. I look forward to seeing your next project! ~smile~

  3. I LOVE your miniquilt, it's just stunning. A great inspiration, thank you so much.

  4. Oh Plum, Storm is awesome!!! And I love the echo quilting - perfect choice!!!! And the idea of holiday use for the pouches is really good- they are pretty but I wasn't sure if I'd use one- now I can see I will!!!

    I really like the idea of the zippy pouch and the note book etc, much better than just one. I saw a notebook cover WITH a zippy pouch on the cover for a few pens - think I'll have a go at the weekend!

    I'm quite strict with my scraps - all cut to 2.5 strips and when the drawer is too full they get joined together ready for a (drat, lost the name) scrappy quilt where you start really long and thin then join the ends so it gets shorter and fatter each time. However I have to confess I also have drawers of odd small scraps for La Pass, and charms, and box of 2.5 squares, oh and another drawer of random width (but smaller than 2.5") strips ... oh crap, I clearly need a clear out too!!!


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