Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Little Hazel Complete!

 It's  lovely to pick up some of my longer term WIPS now that I've completed the 365 Challenge.

Little Hazel, a BOM that Esther Aliu released last year (thank you, Esther!), was high on my list to complete.
 Made from a set of spotty fabrics, It was great to get the top made from the blocks that I'd made last year - and then back it, baste it and bind it!

It didn't take too long to complete it, once I sat down and worked out where I was in the project.  That's the problem when you put a project down and it's longer than you expect until you pick it up again!
(Colours shown are closest to real life in this photo with the backing and the label).
This one is staying at home with us.  It's going to be our snuggle on the sofa, sit on in the garden, use all the time quilt at the request of DD2 who is in love with it!

Now time to move on with the next WIP - a Suduko challenge through my quilt group.  Another project that I started last year.....!


  1. Beautiful quilt--enjoy snuggling under it...hugs, Julierose

  2. Hi! I love the colors in your quilt, and it looks like a nice snuggly one. ~smile~

  3. Lovely colours Plum, definitely one for everyone to gather beneath!

  4. wow. that's amazing. How lovely to have two close finishes!

  5. That looks great- It certainly calls to be snuggled under!!! Will we see it tonight?


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