Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A Puzzling Finish!

 Okay, not really a puzzling finish, but I wanted to try and reference the fact that this is a Suduko quilt!

It might be hard to pick out, but the nine blocks used to make the quilt are each made up of nine small blocks, which have between one and nine fabrics in them.

The quilt design was published in 'The Quilter' by Lesley Coles.

 It's one of the challenges set by my quilt group - Richmond and Kew Quilters - in order to generate a few special categories for our quilt show (which is still some way off).
The front is a little busy with a lot of similar sized prints.  I decided to make the quilt from my stash, so some fabric choices were based on whether or not I had sufficient fabric within the colour families that I wanted to use! 
 The stripe on the back is one of the fabrics from the front - I had just enough to eek out this seed print into a backing - phew!

Curly quilting all over - trying to make the whorls large enough that the quilting wasn't too dense as I wanted this to be another good snuggle quilt for someone.  After the exhibition it will probably go to Project Linus.

 I'm happy that it looks cheerful, even if it is difficult to distinguish the Suduko within it!

Another fast finish as I'd made the small blocks for this last year.  It's fun working through my WIP list and clearing project piles away as I go.
I've also started making another Wendy Dolan inspired piece.  I haven't travelled far to take photos as it's of my front gate!  Small patches of different textures added, along with a little puff paint.  Next steps colour and stitching.

My next WIP to work on is a mini storm at sea.  I started it some time ago but put it to one side when I wasn't pleased with my seam accuracy.  I'm now thinking that I either need to brace myself to unpick it or to carry on and complete it - just leaving it to one side isn't good enough!  Wish me luck!



  1. Good Morning,
    How cool - I have never heard of a Sudoko quilt. You did a fabulous job on it - I love the colors you chose ~smile~

  2. Lovely quilt finish--I like the colors and those bracelets peeking out here and there...nice work hugs, Julierose

  3. Ooooh Plum, love love LOVE it!!! The fabrics are perfect! Good luck with the storm! Xxx

  4. The striped fabric sets the tone for your quilt. It looks like pieced strips. Congratulations. Good luck with your storm at sea. I've always wanted to make one, too.

  5. A wonderful finish, I love the colours you have used! And, I love all the sweet stitches in your blog header pic, very creative!

  6. I like the whit quilt as it is simple yet much decent looking piece. The color are soft and the fabric is comfortable. It saves generous amount of money too.


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