Tuesday, 28 February 2017


At last!  I've finished making blocks for the 365 challenge!

These six are the last ones that I made.

A good distraction from 'real life' where Storm Doris  blew down my favourite tree in the garden - a beautiful large Acacia tree which had just come into bloom.  The garden looks very bare with it lying on the ground, mostly in our neighbours garden.  I'm keen to replant, but we might change the tree type as we haven't been very lucky with Acacia's in that spot - we lost the last one that we'd planted there to frost!

 The colours in this photo of the two blocks is closer to what I see - the one above has made the colours a little harsher than they appear to me.
 Since finishing the blocks I've spent a little time working out what layout I'm going to use for them.  I've come up with something that will be 72" x 102" and which will use most of the blocks.

I've also started playing with the bits and bobs that are left over as scraps from the year.

These little pincushions were the result of my first play time.  The two smallest are just 2" finished.
Plenty  more leftovers to play with though, so I'm back to pressing and trimming again.  I think that I'll make a mini quilt with some of these (and perhaps a couple more pin cushions along the way!).

Next I want to start joining some of the blocks up, making progress towards having a finished flimsy. 

I've ordered some wide cotton fabric for the backing.  Plain white as that was the most economical, which is OK as I'm not planning on spending much time looking at the back of it!


  1. Sorry to hear about your tree Plum. Beautiful blocks as ever. I'm really looking forward to seeing them put together.

  2. Oh, no. :( Your poor tree. I really hate losing trees. Your blocks are super pretty, though.

  3. My gosh Plum there are so many tiny pieces in those blocks????? But boy they look lovely. So
    rry about you lovely big tree. Hugs Glenda

  4. Your blocks are lovely, the pincushions are really cute. It's sad to loose a big tree. Blessings!

  5. Love the blocks and those pincushions are so cute :)

  6. Well Done!!! knowing how much work 365 is, I am not even finished yet, so I applaud you for making them all. I have five more months to finish. Looking forward to seeing yours all done. WOW!

  7. Congratulations on completing the 365 blocks!

  8. Oh your poor tree! Looking forward to seeing the plan for the 365 - so you have a wall spare for it?


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