Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Good Progress

 Are you fed up with just seeing progress on one project?  It feels like it's been a bit of a long time since I've worked on anything else!

Another 14 blocks this week.  I'm up to the 4th December, which is great!

I also tidied my table top this week and found some lost blocks, so I'm confident that I've got all the dark blocks in one place ready for when I get to assembling the top.
 These blocks are all 6 1/2" square - and all 'bright' blocks.  Nice and sunny to compensate for our grey days this week.
 I've been working through these - some easier than others to piece.
This is quite an exciting stage of a project - speeding towards the end of the piecing!  Then there is the fun of the layout and sewing the sections together, following by the basting (probably my least favourite part of the process, even with spray baste) and quilting  - but that's all in the future.  This week will be another week of  piecing!

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