Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Block Bonanza!

 Nothing as tricky as last week's Twenty T's, so I actually made more blocks than I expected to this week.
 Of course, they aren't all mistake free, but I'm not going to worry about the 'unexpected design outcomes' as my friend Benta might call them!  A phrase that she shared at our Quilt Guild meeting last night, which I shall borrow shamelessly, thanks, Benta!

Thanks to her too for a stack of batik charms - in case I needed a little extra to get me to the finish on this project.  Very sweet, and if they aren't used in this, then they will team very nicely with some other charms that I have and will make a cheerful little quilt - something fast and fun and quick to finish as a breather after this one, perhaps!
 I was pleased to manage 14 blocks in between a little card making (well, it is Valentines day after all) and having my DD's home for half term.

Of course, as I'm typing this I realise that I haven't set a single stitch since they broke up from school..... oh well, there will be plenty of time when they go back next week to make more forward progress again.
 I'm still revelling in having my blocks either made or cut out up to 25th December - so the end of the block making is definitely in sight!
But which was the quilt that won my heart last night in the 'timeless treasures' trunk show?  This one - just part of it shown here - which was a Canadian Red Cross quilt.  Made in WWII it was sent over from Canada and went to a family who had been bombed out of their home three times.

There is a fabulous use of fabric.  Not a scrap turned away - whatever type of fabric it was, it was included.  No fabric trimmed if it could be helped, so as little as possible was wasted.

The quilting stitched were erratic, but there is clearly a cable pattern quilted across it.  It is a wonderful vibrant piece, that seems to embody all the best of people crafting for utility - and to show that it doesn't have to be perfect to be used and cherished, which is the message that I wanted to take from it this week.  It is also another bell ringing in my head to remind me to get back to making for Project Linus.  There are still people around who need something to wrap them in a bit of love and I love the chance to be one of the people who is lucky enough to be able to spend some of my time making for unknown recipients, just like a Canadian, or group of Canadians, in WWII.


  1. Loving the yellow in these blocks! It's going to be fab! You are welcome to the charms ... and the phrase, I use it loads at classes!!!! Enjoy half term ... I'm enjoying the quicker drive to work (aka getting up a bit later!!!). Thanks for the magazines xxx

  2. oh my goodness! How many blocks are in the flimsy challenge??


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