Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

 Just a few days to go until Christmas Day!  I hope that you are making the most of any time that you have to enjoy some sewing or crafting.

This week I've made 12 blocks.

I enjoyed this little boat.
 Not as accurate as I'd like to be on all the blocks, but overall the effect of them will be fine, I'm sure.
 I enjoyed using this striking linear patterned batik fabric - and I really like blocks with strong diagonals, so the first one of this set is my favourite of the week.
 I also made some tissue holders (excellent teacher gifts / stand by presents!).  No two the same - although that may change as I'm about to make a few more.
The tree is up!
 The quilted tree is up!
The stitcheries are up (not a great photo, sorry!).

Wishing happy holidays for you and your family and much peace for all of the world.


  1. Merry Christmas Plum and I send all the best wishes for 2017 your way. I DO like your Christmas wall hangings they are so cute. Hugs Glenda

  2. Hi Plum, Your batik blocks are lovely!
    Great tissue holders ..... they're always useful ..... and they are so very pretty!
    Gorgeous Christmas tree and decorations.
    Hope you had a great Christmas!
    Barbara x

  3. Oooh that quilted tree again! Love it!


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