Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Busy week!

 A busy week, but not busy at the sewing machine.

No chance of meeting my 16 block target - this week I didn't even manage to keep up, let alone get ahead, with a total of five blocks made.

This was the 6 1/2" one.
 These are the 3 1/2" blocks.

I'm hoping for better things this week, although if someone could gift me some extra energy and let me unwrap it early, that might make it easier!
 As well as the blocks I made this card with sheers.  I almost think that it looked better with the fabrics just as squares, not cut around the stitching.  Wish that I'd taken a photo to show you!

Then it was time for a few cord wraps, based on this tutorial by Leafy Treetop.  Great for a quick make, and much nicer than the cord spaghetti that I seemed to be plunging my hand into on a regular basis.  I need to make a whole heap more, though!

Lastly, this was my secret santa haul from my Richmond and Kew Quilt Group meeting - thank you Marianne!  I love the idea of not just giving me a coffee cozy, but also a copy of the tutorial that she used to make it!

The first of my Christmas decorations went up this morning.  More to follow this weekend.  It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

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  1. Love the black batik background! It was lovely to see you on Monday- I finally have my machine back so I can sew again!!! Yippee


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