Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Small things

 Half term holidays mean that not much sewing has been done here.

A couple of post cards..... both 6" x 4".
 I wasn't awfully pleased with this one - I want to retry a small scale disappearing nine patch with more defined colours - perhaps solids would be better!
 The other sewing I've done has been to get up to date with my quilt group's mystery quilt (from the Quilters Guild, I believe).

Lots of cutting and putting pieces into plastic bags to start off with.  A little construction - can you see that each block (I made nine of each) has one more piece than the last?  Three more types of block to make
I had to make myself a 'crib sheet' with a sample of each fabric so that I didn't get muddled about what I was cutting!

All fabrics from stash - I'm not sure whether I've got sufficient contrast or not, but it seems to be more or less OK so far.... With mystery quilts it's always a bit of a gamble, isn't it?

It will be fun to see what the other group members who are making it come up with for their fabric choices.

Hope that you are enjoying some sewing or crafting time too!


  1. Mysteries are a gamble but they are so much fun! I love the scrappiness of yours.

  2. Well done for sticking with the mystery ... Smaller pieces to follow?!!!!! Love the "because I said sew" hope half term was fab!!!


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